Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our New Look

Many of you may be wondering why Bouncing Off The Walls looks so different then the last time you visited! Well, two weeks ago I went to update some things on the site and couldn't. I couldn't do anything! When I tried to go to my web host's site to see what was going on I got an error message that they didn't exist! So, in a mad scramble and through many sleepless days and nights I got busy signing up with a fantastic new host (Shoppe Pro) and rebuilt my site from the ground up!

I won't be able to get my money back that I'd paid until October with my old host. (That's a whole other story!) but the good in this definitely outweighs the bad! The new Bouncing Off The Walls is much more user-friendly, more eye appealing and has some added features that the old site did not!

With the new site there's is just one easy step to ordering your letters, drawer knobs, growth chart or other item! No more confusion as to the prices and no more hopping around trying to add extras like the rush order option!

Please, check it out and see what you think! Let me know if you find any errors and while you're there sign up for our monthly email newsletter!


  1. I clicked to "Bouncing Off The Walls" and got a page load error.... :| But maybe it's just my computer?

  2. Thanks Sarah Jane! It's not you. I screwed up the link!

  3. ShoppePro is AWESOME!!! You will love their customer service - great group!