Monday, April 27, 2009

New Wall Panels Coming To Bouncing Off The Walls

These fantastic wooden art panels are just a sneak peak at the newest additions coming to Bouncing Off The Walls. Hand cut on 12" square panels they're a very unique way to add a great focal point to any room! I can't decide which is the coolest thing about them! The fact that they're 100% customizable to ANYTHING you wish to see - design and colors, or the fact that because they're painted on both sides they can be hung in any order, any direction on either side!

Because we wanted to give you the option to hang them any way you see fit, we decided to not put hangers on the backs and instead include two-sided sticky tape which will also allow for a flush fit against the wall. Hang them horizontal, hang them vertical! Staggered or diagonal! The choice is yours!

Watch for many more designs in the near future. The panels will sell as a set of three and retail for $150 CAD.


  1. I can't believe i'm not following you! I stop by every few bad :)
    Well i'm following now!

  2. Wow they are gorgeous, very unique!

  3. This is my first time at your site and this set immediately caught my eye! Beautiful work.