Monday, January 16, 2017

Over the years I have built some amazing relationships with other artists in my business. One of those artists is my friend Cheryl at Serendipity Hill. For years Cheryl and I worked together. Her with crazy, creative ideas and me helping her ideas come to life by supplying her with the letters, shapes and odd bits that challenged me often! She made some amazing products that she successfully sold for a number of years.

Many of you will remember her name plaques as they were her top item.
Cheryl has made some big changes in her life and business over the past year or so - you can read about that on her page and she no longer makes the name signs that everyone grew to know and love but she is still creating and you must check out her art. It's amazing! Follow her! Follow her page, follow her Instagram, follow her shop. You will not be disappointed!

You may see some signs similar to ones that Cheryl did popping up in my feed now. Have no fear, I am not stealing Cheryl's ideas! We have had some great discussions and for now if you are looking for a sign similar to what Cheryl was making I can help you out. It won't be the same. We each have our own unique artistic touches. That's what you want from true, hand crafted pieces. Now go check out her art!