About Me

Photo courtesy of Simply Connected Photograpy. Check out her site!

Bouncing Off The Walls was started by me,  Kristina in 2004 as a wall mural business.

The more I painted in client's homes and chatted to people about their children's rooms and decor I realized that there was so much more I could do than just murals.

In 2006 I painted my first set of wall letters and they were really the catalyst that set my business on the path it is on today.

Having trouble sourcing a reliable, good quality and CANADIAN supplier for wooden letters I learned to cut my own. For years I sat in a dusty garage hand cutting every letter that I also had to paint.
It wasn't long before the order load was more than my little hands and scroll saw could keep up with! Throw in having babies and raising kids at the same time and it was more than one person could manage!
With the business at an all-time high we made the decision to purchase a CNC (computer numerical control) machine which turned out to be the best decsion ever made! (Also business saving!)
With the addition of Bobadoo, the name given our CNC by our oldest, my husband joined the business and he is now in charge of all the cutting allowing me to focus on the creative side of things. (and no more dust for me!) Bobadoo has allowed us to grow Bouncing Off The Walls in a way that hand cutting could never have allowed. We now supply our unfinished wooden letters to other businesses, we can get our unfinished and solid painted letters out in less than half the time it took before, we can do larger letters as big as four feet high and we offer consistent, high quality not seen in hand cut products.
We've only just tapped the surface of what Bobadoo can do. Over the next few years we will continue to learn and explore and offer new, exciting products that will be unique and of the same high standards that you have come to know and expect from us!
We are absolutely meticulous with our work and it is of the highest quality. You will know when you hold an item from Bouncing Off The Walls in your hand that we love what we do!