Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New! Christmas Card Holders

Ever wonder where or how to display all those Christmas cards you get? Get creative and  display them all with these wonderful, winter themed Christmas card holders. They measure 4.5" - 5" depending on the design and have 5 feet of natural twine between them with 10 close pins included for hanging cards or artwork on.

Hang a few ornaments, Christmas crafts done by your kids or even candy canes between the cards for a stunning Christmas display!

Sold individually or in a set of three get them now because they're only here for a limited time while quantities last! 

Recycling tip: Don't just trash all the cards at the end of the season! Cut out the pictures on the front and put them in a bag to go in with your children's craft stuff. They can use them for collages, Christmas crafts or any creative, crafty way! 

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