Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Full Sized Ruler Growth Charts Available Now!

I don't know about your kids but mine are forever wanting to measure themselves. Daily. They seem to think that overnight they've sprung up a few inches and some days it feels as though they've done just that!

Our Wooden Artwork Growth Charts have always been a hugely popular item. Customizable to just about anything I've painted hundreds over the years to match pretty much any room or theme requested. These days a new trend is slowly showing up. People are passing over the themed rooms in favor of rooms that will last longer than the baby years. Rustic, vintage, shabby chic, "not babyish" and classic. All words that are showing up more and more in emails I exchange with my customers. People want a softer, more grown up look to the items they're choosing to surround their babies with.

That's why when the requests for Ruler Style growth charts started coming in we listened! New to the store these vintage inspired growth chart rulers are the perfect family heirloom to treasure for generations. A beautifully rustic piece of functional art allows you to capture your child's movement from toddler to teen.

Kids love marking their progress month by month and year by year as they grow from a toddler to a big kid. This wooden chart makes it easy for everyone to see just how fast your child is growing.

A beautiful addition to your child's bedroom decor or hang in the living area for all to see.

These Wooden Ruler Growth Charts measure 7" wide x 6' high so they're nice and big to accommodate even the tallest of the big kids! Designed to sit 6" above floor to avoid baseboards and make for easier hanging.

Choose from a variety of stains or
CeCe Caldwell Chalk paint finishes. You can even opt for a dual process stain with distressed painted overlay for a more vintage fee. Whatever your choice it will be sure to be a wonderful keepsake for years to come!