Thursday, November 22, 2012

Shop Local This Christmas!

Well, obviously, being a small business owner I'm a big proponent of shopping local and supporting other small businesses, especially during this high shopping volume time of year. With Christmas just a little over a month away (yikes!) let's think about putting some of our shopping dollars back into our own communities by buying from businesses that are right here, under our noses! You may be surprised to know just how many are out there and what great, unique items you may be able to find.

I'm going to highlight a couple of my favorite shops located in a variety of places in Canada and the U.S over the next couple of weeks. Check them out and see what they have to offer. Maybe that last minute gift you couldn't find anywhere else!

Let's start with cards. Do you still send them? I have noticed over the years a decline in the number cards that arrive but let's be honest - getting something in the mail that isn't a bill is nice, right? Lindy from Crafted By Lindy who is located right here in Alberta makes some fabulous cute cards. I've purchased from Lindy several times and I'm a big fan of her simple designs and bold colours. Check out her Christmas line! She also does gift tags as well so take advantage and get those while you're in her shop and know that you're supporting a mom of three while you do!

Another absolute favorite shop of mine is located in New York. Nicole from Nicole's Treats makes the best, um.....EVERYTHING! Seriously. I have a hard time even looking at the pictures in her store because I want it all. I have purchased from Nicole more than once for myself and for giving and have been blown away by her product. Even the things I thought I wouldn't like I did! I highly recommend getting one of her gift boxes to give or to divide up and use as stocking stuffers. Or, if you're like me....the treats may not make it to the stockings..... I do recommend getting your order in early with her though as she does get crazy busy this time of year!

And on that note I must go get some chocolate.....

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