Thursday, November 29, 2012

Another Daughter, Another Room

Last year I FINALLY finished up my oldest daughter's bedroom. It was a LONG drawn out process mainly because I'm so busy that it's tough to find the time to do things around my own house, but I got it done and I'm still very happy with how everything turned out.

This past May we had baby number three. This meant we had to do some room shuffling. I had never planned on moving either of my older kids out of their rooms but our newest addition was a surprise so something had to be done to fit the baby into the mix. We never find out the sex of our babies beforehand so I had to make some bedroom decisions not knowing if we were having another boy or another girl.

I knew one thing though. After all my hard work on Devyn's room there was NO WAY I was moving her out of it! Many people suggested we put the baby in to share a room with whichever sibling it shared a gender with but the rooms are small. Really small. We had a hard enough time trying to fit all their stuff in as it was. Plus, with the 4 year age gap between middle child and youngest we knew there were all kinds of little toys that would have to be kept away from baby.

So, my son, Reid, moved downstairs to the spare room. He was and still is quite happy with this decision as it's the biggest room in the house!

This left his room for the baby. All done in blues with a mural I painted for Reid still on the wall. I figured if the baby was a boy it would be perfect; if it was a girl there would need to be some changes! In May our second daughter, Lachlyn, joined our family. I will admit, I was secretly happy to get to do another room make over and girl's rooms are WAY more fun to do than boy's rooms!

I'm just in the planning stages now. She is only 6 months old after all. She doesn't care what her room looks like. If my track record remains strong she'll be at least 4 before I get it all done!

Here is the room right now. It's not much of anything! A place for her to sleep and us to store extra stuff that we have no place for at the moment!

 (Thank you iPhone for my new Panorama abilities on my camera!)

I don't have much planned yet except perhaps the colour palette. As with Devyn's room I found a piece or artwork to inspire me and I'll take it from there. I came across this print from Children Inspire Design and fell in love with it! I love the words, the colours and the style.

So with that picture in mind I started to plan. Below is the colour palette I've come up with. Roughly. I'm open for variations of it and other colours added in. The purple will be the main wall colour and I plan on covering the mural with the same paintable, textured wall paper I used to cover the mural in Devyn's room. It was such a huge success for us that there was no hesitation on wanting to do it again!

So here's where I need your help! I've started a Pinterest board for Lachlyn's room. A place to start gathering ideas and products. I've only just started to put it together so I'd love your help in contributing to the board if you see things that you think would go well with what I've got so far. Let me know your email address and I'll invite you to be able to pin to the board as well. (Sure wish Pinterest would let you make public boards so you didn't have to go the invite route!)

I'm going for earthy, natural type things. I went really girlie in Devyn's room. This time I want something a little more toned down! I'm also not afraid of colour so don't be afraid! The furniture is currently black with a distressed finish but it likely won't stay the same past toddler age so it doesn't need to play a huge roll in the design.

Let's see if I can get this room going before little Miss Lachlyn is four!

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