Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back In The Saddle

Bouncing Off The Walls originally started as a wall mural business. After having two kids in two years I had to put a hold on the mural side of things. Trying to balance a very active toddler and a high maintenance baby along with a household and a business was just getting too tough. I decided that I had to prioritize a little and the murals had to go!

My youngest just turned one this past Friday also marking a year and a half since I'd last painted a mural for someone. I'd turned quite a few people down over that time and most regrettably repeat customers who were now welcoming another baby into their homes and wanted the nurseries painted.

One of my past customers contacted me shortly ago asking if I would paint their 20 month old's "big boy room" now that they had baby number two on the way and he'd be switching rooms. Here's the thing about me; when I come to paint in your house I don't just paint and leave. I connect with you and probably talk you ear off! I've lost count of how many great customers have turned into even greater friends. It's the thing I love the most about this business. So how do you say no to a friend?

Well, I didn't say no and as a result I spent this past weekend painting for the first time in a long time! Big Boy Dylan was switching rooms so his new baby brother could take over the nursery and an ocean theme was what we had lined up. His mom had bought a bright, whimsical quilt that was to be the basis of the mural theme. Happy, smiling octopus, crabs and sea turtles!

I didn't get a chance to see what Dylan thought of his room as his little brother decided to surprise us with an early arrival the day before I came to paint so Dylan wasn't home to see his ocean wall, but I'm sure that just like with his pond animals mural I painted in his nursery that he'll have to kiss all these creatures goodnight too!

If you live in the Calgary area and you're interested in discussing a mural with me please call me at 403-969-3355 or email at kristina@bouncingoffthewalls.ca If I am unable to do a mural for you I know a fantastic lady who can! Denise from Creative Artwork By Denise is not only a very talented muralist, but also a great person to work with! Please check out her site!


  1. Kristina - that's beautiful!!! - you are super talented!

  2. Too cute, Kristina!! I was hoping you would post pictures!!