Friday, April 15, 2011

Paint and Pom Poms

It was hard, but I was able to do it! I waited the 72 hours for the wall paper to dry fully before I broke out the paint!

Let me start by saying that now that the painting is done in my daughter's room I am even MORE happy with that textured, paintable wall paper! I thought it would soak up the paint and I'd have to do a whole bunch of coats to get in all the little grooves but boy, was I wrong! ONE coat of paint! That's it! I had to do two on all the other walls, but the paint went on that wall paper so nicely.

The colour I chose was Behr's River's Edge and I love it!

Painting done it's now on to the good stuff! I have lots to do and it will most likely get done slowly as I'm still hunting for some items but I started with the pom poms! I bought these months ago from Pom Love on Etsy and I've been dying to get them up!

They weren't difficult at all to open up , although I could use a bit more patience as I tore a couple of pieces here in there in my haste! I am very happy with how they look and more importantly - so is my daughter! She calls them her flowers! My only regret is that I wish I would have bought a white one and one less light aqua one as it's so close to the wall colour, but when I bought the poms I didn't know what paint colour I was doing!

Speaking of flowers - I found these the other day and knew they'd be perfect! You'll never guess where I found them! The Safeway floral department! I was in the produce section picking out a green pepper and glanced over. They were $5! Can't go wrong there and I think they look great!

Lots more to come. I'm not going to show you the WHOLE room yet! I hung up her new curtains but I think they're a little bit brighter than I wanted so I need to wash them a few times to fade them!

Can't wait to show you all the letters I will be doing for her!


  1. Love Love Love those colors together!!!

  2. Looks awesome! Still can't believe you waited 72 hours! Way to go!