Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Clean up! Clean up! Everybody Clean Up!

Organizing your young child’s room is a lot of fun…beautiful colors, bold patterns, and cute little bins in all shapes and sizes. Keeping it in order as they navigate their way through changes in clothing and toys is another matter altogether! Before you jump into transforming your little one’s room and spend a load of cash, take a look at these simple solutions to create storage that can be easily maintained and “grows with your child”.

  1. Store books where kids can easily access them, such as under a bench seat in cubbies or on a bookshelf that can also hold small baskets for small items.
  2. A good storage system inside the closet will make good use of the vertical space and eliminate the need for dressers. Add another hanging rod to maximize the space for those itty-bitty clothes.
  3. Label bins and baskets to make finding and cleaning up toys a breeze. Print pictures of the contents for the little ones.
  4. Drawer dividers keep little clothes organized into categories, and prevent those tiny tights from getting lost in a mound of sweaters.
  5. Over the door shoe organizers are a great storage option for anything but shoes. Toys, hats, small books, socks, undies, and stuffies are perfect candidates.
  6. Hanging canvas sweater organizers are an inexpensive way to create shelves for clothing or accessories. Try labeling each of the 5 cubbies with the days of the week for early school goers. Having their outfits pre-set for the week could save many morning meltdowns on what to where!
  7. An under the bed storage bin works great for all the craft projects your child brings home from school or seasonal clothing.
  8. Modular units with canvas storage bins are the perfect storage solution for the bottom half of any closet or in the room itself.

My personal favorites mentioned above are the “shoe organizers” and the “modular units”. How you choose to utilize these TWO FAVS is up to you…the possibilities are endless!

The Mini Stash by Simply Stashed

The Cube Organizer by Martha Stewart at Home Depot


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  1. Great suggestions! I used the shoe organizer one in my daughter's room for her Barbies! I love the days of the week clothing idea - might help eliminate conflicts over outfit choices at 8am too.