Thursday, May 13, 2010

Want A Chance to Win $800 in Product?

If you have kids or know kids then this is cause worth supporting!
On Sunday, June 13, 2010, thousands of Canadians will walk at
twelve walk sites across Canada for the 7th Annual
Walmart Walk For Miracles™.
It will be a fun, festive day of activities and entertainment
for the whole family.

Bouncing Off The Walls is happy to support Team Angels Among Us who are walking for Jayce Knowler, a 2-year-old boy who suffers from severe allergies to so many things the list would leave your jaw on the floor! From now until June 12, 2010 we will be selling raffle tickets for $20. Each ticket will give you one chance to win the prize package worth $800! What's included in the package?
  • 1 Toy Box
  • Six 10" Letters
  • 1 Wooden growth chart
  • 1 Wastebasket
  • 1 Tissue Box
  • 1 Single Switch Plate
ALL hand painted in a design of your choice! To purchase your raffle ticket please click here.

To support the Knowler family or make a cash donation click here.

From the bottom of my heart I thank you for all your support!


  1. We would like to THANK YOU so very much Kristina for finding it in your heart to help us raise money to help out the millions of kids & their families.This really means a lot to us & words cannot express how THANKFUL we are to you!!! We began as just the 4 of us....Myself,my husband-Dan & our kids Ashlynn & Jayce.To this date our team has 9 of us.A family friend Audra,a cousin -Rene,husband -John & their 2 kids Kennedy & Hayden.We hope that many others find it in theirs hearts to help all of us raise money to help the millions of sick children. Thank You so much Krista Sincerely,The Knowlers

  2. I'm just glad I can help in some way! My kids and I are planning on doing the walk as well so we'll have to meet you guys!