Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Shopping Spree

I discovered Etsy about a year ago. Maybe I shouldn't share it because if you've never been there I may get you hooked and you'll be mad at me! Etsy is a marketplace for artists and crafters from all over the world to sell their wares. There is a wide range of items from artwork to clothing to jewelry to.....well, some really odd things, too! I wanted to share with you some of the cool things I've found that would go great in kids rooms or nurseries. If you are looking for those extra little, unique items to tie the room together then Etsy just might be your place to look!

These big and beautiful pom poms by PomLove are my latest discovery and will be a new addition in my daughter's room! Tissue paper pom poms in various sizes to hang from the ceiling add a punch of color and texture to any room. Sold individually or in sets the prices make decision making easy!

How about this mobile by
Just Peachy By Georgia? This whimsical mobile of feathered friends can be custom designed to suit your color needs and is sure to be a focal point!

Ok, I've seen some pretty funky step stools over the years, but the ones I found in Artompotamus' shop take the cake! Hand crafted out of pine and hand painted they are completely unique! Better make sure to get more than one if you have multiple children as I'm sure they'll be fighting over this one!

Lastly, Maple Shade Kids has long since been a favorite shop of mine. This eco friendly store makes gorgeous wooden peg hooks and collage art. The hardest part is deciding what I like best!So if you have a minute, check Etsy out. You may be surprised by what you find! But don't blame me if you spend all of your paycheck!


  1. I love ETSY...i discovered it from a CNN (of all places!) article about 2 years ago and visit it from time to time...i love the POM LOVE will have to plan on getting some of those for some upcoming celebrations. Thanks for the mentions, you're so resourceful - I love it :)

  2. I love ETSY too! Totally addicted!