Friday, February 12, 2010

Not Just A Hobby

The other day I got asked a question about my business and I haven't been able to shake the feelings it brought out.

"What are you going to do when your kids are older? Are you still going to paint baby and nursery stuff? I would think that you wouldn't be as interested in it once your kids aren't so young anymore."

The reason such a question struck a nerve with me is it made me realize that some of the most important people around me don't even realize the passion, dedication, drive and hard work that I've put into this business to get it to where it is today and to where it's headed in the future.

I started Bouncing Off The Walls before I had children. Three years before as a matter of fact. Art is something I've always been talented at and wanted to pursue as a career and I'm lucky enough to have found not only a great niche, but an area that I love as well.

This isn't a fun hobby to do while I'm on maternity leave or something I do to pass the time while my kids grow. In fact, being self-employed there was no maternity leave at all! I worked through the pregnancies and births of both of my children with no more than a few days off. I work during nap time; I work long after the rest of the world has gone to bed, I work when my husband is home and can watch the kids. I put my blood, sweat and tears into this business because I not only want the business to be successful, but I want my children to see how hard work can pay off.

Not once has it ever crossed my mind that I may not be into baby and children's products anymore. I love it. I always have. I've been accused on more than one occasion of being a grown child myself. I get excited to see a new line of bedding or a funky piece of kid's furniture. I love surfing the Internet looking for new and unique decor items that I haven't seen before. I love trying to come up with new products myself. There are babies born every day around the world just waiting to see their names up on their bedroom wall or a cute growth chart to measure their years by and I plan on being here to give them something they will treasure always.

Now don't get me wrong; my children are, a big part of my business! They inspire me every day. They've been the light-bulb moments for a few new products. They're my best and worst critics and sometimes even my helpers. They teach me to put the paint brush down and go build a train track, a puzzle or read a book. To take time off.

They continue to grow every day and it amazes me how fast time can go by. Give it all up because they're older and not into baby stuff anymore? NEVER! You haven't seen the last of me or my business yet!


  1. Your work is awesome so I don't think you ever have to worry about "will they like what I paint".

    And I think as you and your children grow your styles may change along with that. But like I said your work is awesome so no matter what it may be that you are painting it will be great and loved!

  2. Hey Kristina
    I COMPLETELY understand where you are coming from. I could have written this exact same post (but related to my business). Just know that there are people that DO get where you are coming from. Keep up all the hard work, it is appreciated.
    Heather K

  3. Kristina ~ your work is amazing! I can totally relate to what you have written ~ a large (and growing) part of my shop is creations for children even though I do not have any of my own (unless you count ones made of fur :). I love designing for children, their rooms and soft friends ~ I have loved this for many years now and will continue to do so :) there is nothing quite like seeing one of my creations go to a child and watching them unwrap the parcel to see the delight on their faces ~ also a little unnerving too as they are completely honest! So I always breathe a little sigh of relief when I see a smile on their face :)
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and honest feelings :)


  4. Your products are so incredibly unique, and even if by chance the style of what you enjoy to create changes with time, I'm certain anything that you design will be stunning.

  5. Thanks for all the positive feedback everyone!