Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mural Mural On The Wall

Bouncing Off The Walls originally started as a mural business. Through the past few years due to the addition of wall letters, growth charts, room decor and two children I've had to stop painting murals and focus on things I can work on from the home front.

This was a decision that I really struggled with and went back and forth on more than once! I painted while hugely pregnant, I painted while orders for letters piled up, I painted when my husband had days off leaving no time for him and I. It was finally the amount of orders for room decor I was getting and the difficulty in finding child care that made me come to a firm decision that I was done painting on walls at this point in my life.

The hardest part was turning people down. Especially some whom I'd painted for in the past. I hated just saying no and leaving it at that. I needed to have someone to refer people to. I didn't want to just refer to anybody though, I wanted someone who did fabulous work and was great to work with.
And then I found Denise from Creative Artwork by Denise. Denise is a Calgary based mural artist with a passion for art work and children. Her work is fun, original and EXACTLY what I was looking for to refer people to.

A few phone calls and many emails later we finally met in person for a "quick" lunch. Ha! A quick lunch turned into about 3 hours as we soon discovered that we must have been separated at birth! With many eerie similarities between us I left that lunch feeling not only completely confident that I was referring people to one of the best muralists out there but that I'd also gained a great friend!

So, please; if you need a wall or even an entire room done, give Denise a call. You can rest assured that you've chosen someone who will give you a mural that's even better than you could have ever imagined it to be!


  1. My hat's off to both of you...I've been asked to do murals numerous times and I just don't wanna..beautiful work!!

  2. Gorgeous work! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Our family LOVES Denise. She did rooms for three of my children and they are each unique little dreams come true!

    So special:)

    Eryn Kelly