Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Chest

My husband just recently graduated after a long, hard application, selection and training process for a career that he has always dreamed of. As the proud wife I wanted to find him a gift that would not only be meaningful, but also unique. I wanted a "WOW" factor!

Boy did I get it! For a guy my hubby is pretty sentimental and he has been saving a lot of little momentos throughout the course of the last year and I thought he should have a special place to put it all. So I turned to my favorite woodworker. Serguei has done previous work for me in the form of toy boxes, waste baskets and tissue box covers and I've been very happy with what I've seen so far.

Considering I'm an artist who specializes in custom work you would think that I would know exactly what I wanted and I'd be able to give Serguei exact details for him to work with. So not the case! As an artist I also know that those that specialize have unlimited capablilities which makes it harder to decide what you like best! So, armed with as few details as "a dark stain, about the size of the toy boxes and some sort of artistic carving on it," he created a masterpiece!

I went and picked up the keepsake chest today and it honestly made my heart skip a beat. I LOVE it. It is so much more than even I could have imagined! Made from maple and stained in an espresso finish Serguei let his artistic side show with the beautiful, intricate hand carving on the front. He even thought to make an air space for safety knowing I have small kids that could possible climb inside!

My husband also loves it and couldn't stop looking at it all afternoon! I believe his first words were, "we should have him make all our furniture!"

So thank you Serguei! For those looking for ANY custom made piece, please contact Serguei or his wife Irina at Khorin Custom Woodworking. You won't regret it!

Close up of the carving. The pictures honestly don't do it justice!


  1. Wow! What a beautiful piece! Congrats to your hubby on his accomplishment!

  2. BEAUTIFUL gift Kristina!
    Congrats to your hubby :)